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Room usage information

Smoking is prohibited in places that are susceptible to fire (especially beds) and no-smoking floors.
Do not use fire, candles, etc. for heating cooker etc in the room and in the hallway without the permission of the hotel.
Please do not use the room for business purposes (exhibition, other) etc. for purposes other than staying without permission of the hotel.
Please do not change the current situation such as moving the equipment in the room without the permission of the hotel, applying the structure in the room, or remodeling.
As a rule we will refuse accommodation of minors only.

About payment etc.

Please give me your bill at the front desk at departure. In addition, we may ask you to pay the fee even during your stay. Please pay each time. Even if the hotel bills it, there is a case where you will surrender your room if there is no payment.
Payment of usage fee will be cash or travel check, accommodation ticket, credit card etc., and those approved by the hotel.
Please note that we will check your credit card upon arrival or we will accept deposit. Please be forewarned.
In the case of payment of the fee from a person other than the guest, we will charge the direct payment to the guests themselves unless payment is made by the prescribed due date.
We will refuse to change shopping fee, ticket fee, taxi fare, postage stamp fee, luggage shipping fee etc.

About parking

On the parking lot premises, follow the instructions of the guide signboard etc.
Please do not leave valuables and other items inside the car parking lot. We are not responsible for lost, stolen etc. during parking.
Parking at the main entrance is strictly prohibited
Car parked outside the parking space designated by the hotel staff will be moved by a tower. In addition, you will be responsible for the cost of towing.

About cases where there is a possibility of contravening the public order

If you are aware of violence, intimidation, extortion, intimidating unjustifiable demands and similar acts, please refrain from using the hotel immediately. Also, please refrain from those who did similar acts.
When using the hotel is deemed to have a danger, fear or anxiety to other customers when it is difficult to secure your own safety, such as mental and physical weakness, medicine, self-loss due to drinking, etc. We will refuse to use it immediately.
We will refuse to use immediately if we give a disgust or feel annoying to others or other acts contrary to gambling or public order and morals in loud voice, singing songs and bustling activities inside the hotel and in the guest room . Other When there is an act similar to each of the above items, we refuse to use.
Please refrain from bringing in the following things or acts which will cause annoyance to other customers in the hotel.

Pets such as animals and birds. (Excluding auxiliary dogs)
Gunpowder, volatile oil, other ignitable or inflammable material.
A stinky object.
Iron guns, swords, stimulants that are forbidden to possess by law.
Actions that disturb gaming, morals, or other inconveniences.
Distribution of advertisements, advertising materials, sales of goods, solicitations, etc.
Before using mobile phones, act of disgusting or annoying to other customers, such as conversations in inappropriate places or loud voice calls.

Cancellation / consumption tax Other

Consumption tax etc is not included in the hotel accommodation fee. Please pay separately.
Please pay the cancellation fee 30% of the room charge up to the previous day and 100% cancellation of the day.
Regarding busy seasons such as New Year's holidays, we will charge 15% to the regular room rate.
We are offering a 5% discount for customers with 2 consecutive nights or more.

Reservation status

You can check the availability of each room


Adult per night ¥ 6,000 (staying nights)

double bed × 1
single bed × 1
Extra bed × 1

Minimum occupancy 1
Maximum occupancy 4

※ Preschool children (4 to 6 years old) from 4,500
Infant (0-3 years old) free of charge



Adult per night ¥ 6,000 (staying nights)

double bed× 1
single bed × 1
Two stages bet for children 1

Minimum occupancy 1
Maximum occupancy 5

※ There is a cash back if the elementary school kids use two-tier bet.
Preschool children (4 to 6 years old) From 4,500 Infants (under 0-3 years old) Free



1人1泊 ¥3,500円


最小宿泊人数 2
最大宿泊人数 3

ビュー シーサイド
和室8畳 床の間



1人1泊 ¥3,200円


最小宿泊人数 2
最大宿泊人数 3

ビュー シーサイド



1人1泊 ¥3,200円


最小宿泊人数 2
最大宿泊人数 3

ビュー シーサイド



1人1泊 ¥3,200円


最小宿泊人数 1
最大宿泊人数 1

ビュー シーサイド





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電話番号 0950-22-4186

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